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Our process is simple. We will work closely with you to understand our clients design preferences for each new home community project. We work with a variety of the designers, architects, and suppliers to the level of finish, and budget for each client. Our construction process is as follows.

Lot Clearing

Now construction begins. We start by with the lot clearing: All existing trees and shrubs that will be kept are marked. Extraneous tress and shrubs are cleared. Any grading or leveling work is completed. Erosion control is put in place.


Foundation Work

The foundation stage is critical to the final quality of each home. At this stage: A structural engineer prepares the slab design, calculating load, analyzing elasticity of soil, determining slab drops, drainage, etc. We use hand-tied steel slabs for our homes, which result in a more stable foundation. A concrete pump then delivers the concrete in place. Using a concrete pump stops separation of sand, rock and cement, controls water content, and reduces time of pour.



Now it’s time to put sticks in the air! During the framing stage the subfloor, trusses, studs, headers and support beams are put in place, along with the support structures for ceiling treatments. A frame carpenter builds the walls, joists, rafters, arches, ceiling treatments, cornices, fascias, and decking. Windows and exterior doors are installed.



Now we add the mechanical elements of the home. The Rough-in stage involves installing plumbing with top-outs, HVAC duct work, and electrical wiring. The HVAC stage includes calculating A/C Load for energy efficiency, and a RES check which is a computerized analysis that measures the compliance of insulation and window packages, based on local building codes. Next we add the structured wiring including surround sound, home automation, computerized lighting, etc. At the end of the Mechanical stage we walk-through and review details of all mechanical elements.


Wall Finishes

At this point your home really starts to take shape. During the Wall Finishes stage we: Install and check all insulation and expandable foam. Install sheetrock, Fire-rock, Dura-rock,Quiet-rock and apply wall textures, patterns and colors.


Interior Finishes

The Interior Finishes stage includes: Installing all cabinets. Installing all doors and trim (crown molding, MDF trim, block paneling, etc.) Installing flooring (tile, stone, wood, faux stone, carpet, etc.), transitions, and decorative borders. During this phase the client will do a trim walk with the Builder.


Fixture Installation

Now we finish out the home by installing all fixtures including lighting fixtures, appliances, accessories, plumbing fixtures, bath hardware, mirrors and glass. At this point the client schedules a Final Home Demonstration with the buyer. Utility services are transferred.



Before we turn the home over to the buyer we work to make sure it is as perfect as possible. The Builder performs a final home preparation, and completes “to-do” list. The buyer attends Final Home Demonstration. Financial wrap-up of allowances. Warranty information and procedures reviewed. Schedule and complete the closing.


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